Our Lighthouse teachers

I want to extend a big thankyou to the staff who, over the last two terms worked with Shane (a consultant from Xcite Logic), exploring ways to integrate the use of ‘platform agnostic’ ICT and web 2.0 tools into their teaching and learning programmes.

These people have become lighthouse teachers, following a “each one teach one” philosophy, assisting the staff in their departments with their ICT journeys and showing us that it doesn’t matter whether you are taking ‘baby steps’ or leaping head-first into these new technologies; the important thing is to be moving forward.

This group had the added pressure of committing to presenting their work to our senior administrators at a breakfast meeting earlier in the term, then to the whole staff at our staff meeting last week. As teachers we are comfortable in front of students, but standing in front of a roomful of our peers is a different story. Especially when that has to be repeated multiple times to allow everyone to rotate through each presentation. (Although some said the extra practice meant their last presentation ran the smoothest!) So, thank you Dion, Maria, Peter, Ryan and Tina. Thanks also to Alison & Paul who were away on camp, but organised for Shane to present their work.

I have had positive comments from staff suggesting this is their preferred format for ICT professional development.
“Cally this was fantastic…it’s the type of thing I want for PD…”                                         “That was great to have a taste of everything.”

Below are links to/screen shots of some of the work being done by our fantastic staff.

View Our Amazing Earth on Prezi.com by clicking the link below: http://prezi.com/tglf5rsidx28/our-amazing-earth/

Here is a PowerPoint of Web 2.0 tools used with Italian classes “My Baby Steps to Technology”


Edmodo screen shot

Wiki example

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